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Spirited Wellness is introducing a few new courses for pairs and for postpartum carers.

Partner Classes

Private sessions where you and your partner, or friend, or family member learn how to address each other's common massage needs. You can learn how to rub your partner's shoulders and they can learn how to rub your feet. Pick one session or a series for multiple areas of focus.

Pregnancy Support

This class is for people who are expecting a child and want to learn how to better support their partners. We will go over ways that you can be involved in the pregnancy and postpartum periods. What to look out for and how to make this time special for everyone involved

Traditional Postpartum Care

Learn to support people during the postpartum period. The course includes comforting meals, celebrating rituals and soothing treatments, including massage. The new parent is left feeling loved and cared for in this new life chapter.

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